M.Phil in British History at Oxford (current); BA with highest honours in History from Stetson University

I have no relation to the Rhodes Estate or the Rhodes Must Fall movement, nor is Rhodes related to my primary time period or topic (I am a Welsh medievalist).

I simply found an interesting historical point in the Rhodes debate, and decided to apply advanced research techniques to the question. What I found is illustrated below. All sources are held by the Bodleian library, and I am grateful to assorted librarians, professors, and other historians for their assistance, support, and (in one case) a very interesting breakfast conversation which inspired me to examine the topic.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Speaking personally and not as one who is opposed to the suspect aims of some RMFO activists, the truth matters to me. From my own research I can find no evidence in support of the RMFO claims that Rhodes was a heinous criminal. The RMFO activists are just as likely to trash this work as they do with any other fact based submissions. On that note, I hope that the author does not suffer as a result of publishing a paper based upon an “evidence-based approach” as opposed to racially motivated campaign.


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