Adekeye Adebajo, “Worse than the Rest: a review of Paul Maylam’s “The Cult of Rhodes” “(New York: Times Literary Supplement, 2006). Online edition:

Felix Gross, “Rhodes of Africa”, (USA: Praeger, inc., 1957). Online edition:

Paul Maylam, “The Cult of Rhodes: Remembering an Imperialist in Africa” (Cape Town: David Phillip, 2005).  No online edition available, although accessible via JStor.

Cecil Rhodes “Speech on the Second Reading of the Glen Grey Act” (Cape House Parliament, 1984). Online edition:

Olive Schreiner, “Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland” (London: Unwin Brothers, 1897). Online edition:

The Olive Schreiner Letters, Particularly ‘Olive Schreiner to William Hay, 11 February 1897, Cory Library, Olive Schreiner Letters Project transcription’, Lines 10-19.

Gordon le Sueur, “Cecil Rhodes: The Man and his Work” (London, 1913). Online edition:


Additionally, I have been in contact with both Maylam and Adebajo, but I don’t think it’s academically fair to quote private correspondence, so I have refrained from doing so. It is sufficient to say that the information provided by them only supports my conclusions.


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